Our Story

Mason James

Our Story

Mason James Thorpe was a handsome and bright little boy. Mason had the type of eyes you could just stare into for hours. Vibrantly blue from the very beginning. From the day he was born we could tell he was going to be the perfect baby. He slept through the night, rarely cried and was content being held or swinging in his favorite swing. 

Mason was lucky and never needed daycare, instead, spent quality time with Nana, Papa, Grammy and Grampy while his parents worked during the day. They spent countless hours playing in the parks, going on adventures to nearby play centers for kids, the aquarium, you name it, they did it. Especially if this particular adventure involved a ball!

Tragically, on January 31, 2015, at the age of 22 months, Mason passed away in his sleep. We were left with no answers as to why our precious little boy passed. His death was rule undetermined. 

Soon after our loss we contacted the SUDC(Sudden Unexplained Death in Children) foundation in hopes to find out why this happened to our beloved son. Being able to talk to others that have experienced something very similar has helped make us not feel so alone. 

This brings us to The Mason James Foundation. We created our own foundation to honor Mason’s memory. Through our foundation we will raise awareness for SUDC, help families monetarily in North Carolina that have experienced this tragedy, and work towards a future without SUDC.